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Alternative: Owari no Seraph,終わりのセラフ ; 终结的炽天使 ; 종말의 세라프 ; Owari no Serafu ; Seraph of the End Manga ; Seraph of the End: Vampire Reign
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Author(s): Furuya Daisuke Kagami Takaya
Genre: Action, Adventure, Cooking, Drama, Mystery, Romance, Shounen, Supernatural,
Status: Ongoing

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is a Japanese dark fantasy manga series written by Takaya Kagami and illustrated by Daisuke Furuya by Yamato Yamamoto with storyboards. It's released by Shueisha on Hop SQ as well as in English by Viz Media on Weekly Shonen Jump. The collection is placed in a world in which the world-wide society has been ravaged by a virus and making only kids beneath the age of thirteen unaffected, making the looks of vampires. A young man, Yuichiro "Yu" Hyakuya, places to kill the vampires after one kills nearly all the members from his orphanage.An anime version by Wit Studio was declared on August 28, 2014. The initial section of the anime finished on June 20, 2015 and premiered in Japan. The 2nd section of the anime started airing on October 10, 2015. Some light novels focused on Yu's first-class, Guren Ichinose, iIllustrated by Yamamoto and has been composed by Kagami.In the year 2012, the world supposedly comes to a conclusion in the hands of a "human-made" virus, ravaging the worldwide society and leaving only kids beneath the age of thirteen unaffected. It's that vampires emerge in the inlets of the earth, probably followed by age old terrors of the dreary idea to be myth. The world sweeps and maintain it in one blow that is violent, guiding them beneath the surface to security and subjugating the remnants of mankind. This "protection" comes in the cost of giving blood for their captors. In the age of twelve, his pal and Yuichiro and fellow orphan Mikaela plotted to escape combined with the kids in Hyakuya Orphanage. Nevertheless, this resulted in their own deaths and be saved by members of the Moon Demon Company, an extermination unit of the Japanese Imperial Demon Army and Mikaela sacrifices himself to escape. Four years after, Yuichiro dedicates his life to destroy vampires and seek revenge against them for killing his "family".Yuichiro has medium length black hair which is often looked at dirty and fairly tidy in once. He possesses sharp green eyes which fall under his heavy eyebrows. His eyes are not small compared to other male characters in the show.At the start of the string, he's shown wearing his school uniform, a grey with light blue design gakuran having a white sleeved T shirt underneath.After joining the Demon Army, he wears the typical JIDA uniform which includes a long-sleeved black jacket with light green details such as the shoulder epaulettes which has a brownish Sam Browne belt passing diagonally over his right shoulder and two rows of golden buttons on the front. In addition to that, he wears a set of white gloves as well as a white web belt using a golden waistline-plate. He also wears the uniform pants and black boots which go on the leggings of the trouser. Yu keeps his sword. Occasionally he could be viewed wearing the JIDA hat, and sometimes wears the JIDA cape at the same time.Yu is somewhat dangerous, fearless and courageous, when he assaulted a Horseman while disregarding orders, that was revealed. It's noted that this was not the first time. People who understand him commonly call Yu an idiot. He's an extremely narrow minded man, whose only aim will be to annihilate all vampires due to what they did to his "family," and he can beat almost any challenge so that you can achieve it. For killing Mika he vowed to exterminate all vampires.Regardless of this, he worries about his buddies first and his goals second and has a soft spot. Ferid Bathory considers this approach to be "cunning". Due to this, he empathizes with other people who put their family first, as seen when bogus advice was given his squad by a civilian girl because her family hostage is being held by vampires. After discovering they were deceived by her, he tells the girl that she did the right thing to truly save her family. He has nightmares about Mika's passing for four years until he makes friends and feels guilty for left Mika. Yu's character changes in reaction after learning Mika is living as noted by Shinoa and he develops more mature. He instantly amends his worldview to contain Mika even though he's a vampire, and puts more effort into making friends and being composed and patient. Second place is taken by his vision of wiping out vampires to recovering Mika. Even though his companion has become a vampire, they are still slaughtered by Yu without hesitation or mercy. After Shinjuku, he makes Guren guarantee to help him take Mika back underneath the assurance that Mika is going to be helpful to him, as he comes from exactly the same orphanage as Yu and becomes nearer to his squad members. Also, bonds and camaraderie be significant to him, as revealed against Asuramaru in a mental conflict, lose his body or to develop more power, he convinces Asuramaru to give to him and calls Asuramaru his buddy.Rather than retribution, his primary target changes to shielding his new "family," so that you can prevent a repeat of previous occasions. In Nagoya, Narumi's squad surprises by swearing to shield them and memorizing all of the names.Likewise to how vampires tend not to trouble to consider human faces and just think of these as "people" or "livestock," Yu simply views vampires as "vampires" or "bloodsuckers" without troubling to recall their names or faces. He doesn't even remember the name of his vampire target. The single exception to the rule appears to understand Ferid Bathory, and is Mikaela HyakuyaOther manga :

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