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Alternative: 롤플레잉겜 ; 롤플레잉겜만화 ; MMORPGマンガ〜ESPERA〜 ; Role Playing Game ; Role-Playing Game ; RPG Comic
View: 5700000 views
Author(s): Gaechaban
Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Seinen,
Status: Ongoing

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After a falling out with his team, the Guild Master of the greatest guild quits the game. As the top player, he had pioneered the creation of a unique plot item that is required to open a new area of the game. After 2 years he returns to find that his items and gold have been stolen by hackers and the unique plot item he made unavailable by leaving, was never replaced, and so he is hated by everyone in the game. Our accessories-loving hero is however very relaxed, and simply goes back to his old ways of trying to create/purchase the most interesting items. Original Webcomic: http://www.lezhin.com/comic/rpg_comics

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