My Fair Footman

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Alternative: 마이 페어 풋맨
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Author(s): Isia
Genre: Comedy, Historical, Romance,
Status: Ongoing

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As a child, Elijah became a count's famous footman, a master of his work... But "his" work is secretly more like "her" work, as Elijah is in fact a woman. So, every day, she wakes up at 6 AM, conceals her chest with bandages, and carries on her duty. And she will continue to do until "On my 18th birthday, I will quit my life as a footman and live as a woman!"Yet, a sudden proposal comes: "Elijah, you should dress up for the ball and become my partner." A perfect dress, never-before-seen makeup... and the gentle Count Albert as her escort.How will destiny unfold for Elijah?

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